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This guide will feature tips, common questions, screenshots of "how to do things", the in-game guide, etc.

Since the game is in beta and updates can change how the game interface is, this guide may not be certain of anything until the actual game is fully released.

Any thoughts, feedback, input are appreciated.

Starter Guide

What is Harvest Town?

Harvest Town is a mobile RPG where the player seeks to rennovate their manor, and interact with the world around them. With the exception of the main quest, the game is mostly free-roam in what the players may do, and the players make take it at their own pace. There is no true "goal" to Harvest town, meaning that the players can make up their own goals. As of April 2020, the game is still in beta, altough many features of the game are already playable. 

The story of Harvest Town is quite simple: the player begins wishing to return back to the past, when they find themselves back in their hometown before they moved. After deciding to remain in their town this time, the player realizes they must restore the manor at which they live. Most of the story is unlocked via conversations with the townspeople and through various quests, meaning the player make take it at their own pace to learn about each character and part of the town. 

How do I play?

The gameplay of Harvest Town is made up of two main components: conversation and collection.


The conversation comes from the citizens, which you may talk to, give gifts to, or complete quests for. By raising their affection level, the player may recieve recipes, gifts, or in the case of bachelors/bachelorettes, the ability to marry them.

  • Interaction
    • In order to interact with a citizen (also referred to as NPC), tap on them to talk. If you are inside a store trying to interact with the shopkeeper, tap on the store counter, and you will see the option to interact just underneath "Store".
    • When a citizen has a white bubble with an exclamation mark above their head, this means that they have a quest for you, or that a completed quest may be delivered to them. Taking on villager quests not only raises your affection points with them, but also gives you goods, coins, diamonds, and prosperity.
  • Giving Gifts
    • A quick way to raise a citizen's affection. In order to give a citizen a gift, select the item you wish to give in your item bar at the bottom of the screen, then go to talk to them. You should see the option "This is for you". Tap that, and your gift will be given. 
    • You can only give one gift per citizen a day in-game, so choose wisely!
    • Every citizen has their likes and dislikes, which can be viewed on the individual character pages. The relationships page includes a table on dislike/like/favorite values. 
    • All citizens have a weekly limit of 100 Fondness points. You cannot give any gifts after this point.
    • Gifts given on a character's birthday (see Bulletin below for information on dates) have 2x the normal fondness, so make sure to give a gift for birthdays!
  • Bulletin Board
    • The bulletin board is located to the left of the school entrance, and will display the birthdays of that season, as well as any available daily quests. Birthdays will be displayed by a character's face on a date, and they can also be found on the individual character pages or the birthdays page.
    • Quests on the bulletin board will be shown by a red bubble with an exclamation mark over the board. These quests are time-limited, but offer diamonds, transportation scrolls, coins, and prosperity. 
  • The Mailbox
    • ​​​​​​​Located at the front of a player's manor, the mailbox will recieve any letters or gifts from the citizens. Just like the bulletin, a red bubble with a yelow exclamation mark will be displayed when a letter or gift has arrived.
    • The mailbox also contains special quests from characters that reward rare prizes (such as diamonds) in return for players to find a special quest item for a specific character. For more information on where to find items, or who they belond to, check out the Quest Items page.
    • The mailbox also displays information about upcoming in-game events, and also notices about fees if a player has lost something or died. 


The biggest part of Harvest town is the collection aspect, which includes upgrading your manor, skills, and orders, and also includes leveling up and seasons. ​​​​​​​

Upgrading the manor

  • Upgrading the manor is the biggest factor into playing Harvest Town, and it's the main goal of many of the game's features. Your manor is found at the far left of the map, and can be upgraded in various ways through the collection of prosperity. To find your current manor level, check the star displaying at number at the top left corner of the screen, or under the manor tab in options. There, you can also view the prosperity needed to level up your manor. Upgrading the manor allows for new decorations, activities, production houses, and more. 
  • There are various ways to upgrade the manor. Your manor level increases by the amount of prosperity earned, and your main ways of earning prosperity are decorating/building, orders, and quests. Check the building section below for more information on this.

Skills​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ and Weapons

In order to complete most of the game's features, the player must improve their skills. As of April 2020, there are 8 skills available in the game. These include loggingminingfishing, farming, breedingbattlecooking, and pickup. While the wiki pages for these skills aren't all complete, below is a small explanation of each skill. Performing skill actions (with the exception of pickup) will use up vitality (the green bar at the top left of the screen), but the vitality cap will be raised with skill level upgrades. 
  • Logging: This requires an axe, and includes any wood product being removed or chopped, especially trees. The best way to quickly increase this skill is to focus on chopping the full grown oak and pine trees around your manor and the town, as well as chopping any wood trash (saplings, logs) around your manor.
  • Mining: This requires a pickaxe, and includes any time you mine stone, including the stones around the town/manor, and within the Ancient Mine and Occult Cave. Raising this skill also raises the frequency of rare gems. 
  • Fishing: This requires a fishing rod, although fish caught with a fishing trap still are included in this skill and count towards skill levels. Fishing spots are all around town in the Manor River, Eastern Lake, Saltwater/ Beach, and make sure to fish where you see spots with fish swimming around/jumping out of the water! The fish available change by season, so make sure to keep an eye out for the fish you need. 
  • Farming: This includes all the cultivation and collection of your crops at your manor. The quickest way to level up this skill is to create large amounts of farm on your land, and with the helps of sprinklers, grow mass amounts of crop at once (often times, you will find yourself needing the extra crop for orders or to sell).
  • Breeding: While this skill is not as straightfoward as the others, it may be improved with owning your animals or by foraging with a scythe. 
  • Battle: This skill includes killing any of the monsters around town. View the monsters page for more information on monsters, or where to find them. This uses a sword (some other weapons are available, but come on later on), which you can craft a wooden sword to start out with. Be careful when battling monsters, and keep an eye on your health bar (red bar at the top left of your screen). If you die, you may lose something, and you are often charged a fee by Lee Wah to pay for your recovery. 
  • Cooking/Cuisine: This skill is unlocked after the player upgrades their cottage to level 3, unlocking the kitchen. Recipes may be earned from raising your manor level, or by earning the max affection of certain characters. Cooking will also gain the player prosperity, and may restore vitality and life. Certain recipes require season specific items or products, so make sure to stock up! Be careful with cooking, as if you leave your meal for too long, it will burn, and will only be resold at one coin, as well as given an random effect when eaten.
  • Pickup: All around town, there are various items that may be picked up and collected. This skill does not require any vitality, and the quickest way to raise it is by travelling daily in game to go around town to find items. Places like the Deserted Factory give lots of resources, as well as the Taoist Temple and the pathways between Cruz's Ranch/Ancient Mine/Residence/the beach. The beach has a different set of pickup items than the rest of the town, so make sure to keep an eye out for what you may find there! In addition, pickup items change by season, with the only way you are able to earn them off-season is through the Occult Cave, or just waiting for the season to return. For this reason, it's wise to stock up on pickup items, as orders and quest products will require them regardless of the season.


  • Weapons are an important part of the battle skill, and will be required for traveling to certain parts of the map, as well as completing the main quest. 
  • As you venture through the Occult Cave, you will find more along the way from monster drops and opening treasure chests. Some weapons, such as rusted swords or wooden swords, come from fighting monsters outside of the Occult Cave, but the strongest weapons will usually drop from the Occult Cave store or Occult Cave (found on the 9th, 19th, 29th, etc.). 
  • On lucky days, you may also find weapons by digging or chopping trees.
  • The best way to get better weapons though is by going down into the Occult Cave and collecting drops.
  • Some monsters, such as slimes, cannot be fully defeated without the help of an explosive, which you can craft basic versions of with coal and stone hearts, as well as gifts from visiting other players. 

The better the luck is, the higher is the chance of getting weapons.


  • ==== Bombs are a form of weapon that explodes a few seconds after their placement. To use them, simply place them on the ground, and step away. Look out for the green square that shows once you put it down, as that shows what area will be affected by the bombs.====
  • Super Bomb
    There is a super bomb in the mall that can be purchased with diamonds. It is stronger and has more range than the bomb you can craft.

      Small Bomb

As of April 2020, small bombs may be crafted using one stone heart (gained from killing stone monsters), and one piece of coal. These bombs are used in the main quest (though you will recieve 5 from Lee Yeung in the main quest), as well as in orders and in side quests. These bombs only cover a one grid range, so make sure that you place them in the best spot for your use. 
  • Rings may be equipped to the player to help provide certain perks and buffs to the player's attack, critical attack boosts, and the sort. To equip a ring, open your bag, and move it to the second box down on the right side of the character display.
  • Rings may come as gifts, treasure drops, and prizes from the Occult Cave store. 


  • Potions are used to boost or restore a players stats. They are consumable, and will last for a few hours IN GAME TIME. When a boost potion is in effect, there will be a golden boy at the top right of the screen, besides the order button. 
  • Potions may be purchased from the hospital, or won in the Occult Cave store. Life potions may also be crafted using one Revival Grass and one Ginseng, but this recipe is only available once the player reaches max hearts with Lee Wah.
  • As of April 2020, there are currently 12 potions available for purchase from Lee Wah or Lee Yau. They include:
    • Life potion- Restores 50 HP
    • ATK potion- Increases attack by 30 for 5 hours
    • DEF potion- Increases defense by 10 for 5 hours
    • Adsorption potion- Increases pickup range for 5 hours
    • Speed potion- Increases speed by 20 for 2 hours. 
    • Skill potions- These potions max out the level of a skill for four hours. Skills include Mining, Farming, Logging, Pickup, Fishing, Cooking, and Breeding. 

Building and Decorating / Using Your Land

A large part of upgrading your manor goes into how you build it up and decorate it. Both ways can give large amounts of prosperity, and it's important to use both in your gameplay. 


  • Buildings are made at the Carpenter's ​​​, and they require materials collected from mining, logging, and ship orders to build, as well as coins. These buildings fall into two categories: Decorative and Building.
  • Building structures, or the "production buildings" are used to create products from crops and animal products, or mining materials for the Melt. These structures may be upgraded, and are used to create products for quests/orders/cooking, with the exception of the barn, poultry house, kennel, and other structures used to store animals. Some buildings are able to be built more than once, so keep an eye out! 
  • Decorative structures are structures used to decorate the manor, and many will reduce production time or double the output. These usually cost more building materials (which are earned from ship orders), but give large amounts of prosperity when completed. 


  • Decorations give large amounts of prosperity, and can be bought with coins or diamonds. To buy a decoration, open the edit button on your interior or exterior of the manor, and tap the paintbrush in the bottom right of your sceen. From there, go to the top right, where you will see a golden symbol. From there, you may access the store. On each item, in the item photo, it shows the prosperity gained by buying it. The more expensive the item, the more prosperity it will bring. 
  • Decorative items that are crafted (such as chests) may be useful, but they do NOT give you prosperity, so keep that in mind.

Land Space

  • For many beginners, you will have little space at first. Don't worry! As you play, and your manor level is raised, you will automatically gain more land. For this reason, it is discouraged to buy the repairs to gain more land on your manor unless it is absolutely necessary, as it will be done free for you later on. A common example is the bridge, which will automatically be unlocked at Manor level 20. 
  • For new players, starting a large farm may be a daunting task without the usage of sprinklers, which automatically will water your crops in a certain radius for you. For this reason, don't forget to use your sprinklers! They're extremely helpful, and make farming much easier. 
  • For players trying to plant trees, make sure that all your trees are one square apart so that they may grow!
  • A key part of your manor is the transporter, which will be found by the cottage at the beginning of the game. While it can be moved, be careful to not destory it or put it in an inaccessible spot, as it will allow you to teleport around the town with the help of teleportation scrolls (dropped from bulletin quests and Ancient Mine monsters).

Orders / Earning Money

Orders are a large part of the gameplay, as the player will sell their goods in specific orders in order to earn money. As of April 2020, there are 3 types of orders that may be completed. Van and Ship orders may be reset if they player cannot fulfill them, so keep that in mind when trying to fill orders.

  • Van Orders: Van orders take 10 minutes to deliver, and only require 2~3 items each. They are good for making quick money and for beginners, but they do not give the same rewards as Ship Orders or Airplane Orders.
  • Ship Orders: Ship orders make take between 1~8 hours to deliver, depending on how long the player wishes to send it out for. The longer the shipping, the more the reward. Ship orders typically take 3~8 items, and will give builidng materials as a reward.
  • Airplane Orders: Airplane orders take 5 hours to recieve, and then they are open for 12 hours for the player to fulfill the order. Unlike other order types, the Airplane order takes 3 items, but in a large amount of quantity. There are three rows of "mini-orders" to be fulfilled before the order is complete, with the first completed row bringing coins, the second bringing prosperity, and the third row bringing a gift (usually a gift box, see Items for more information). Once an order is fulfilled, the next order is immediately previewed, so that players may begin to prepare items. This order system gives the most money and prosperity, and it's encouraged for players to begin playing with it as soon as it is unlocked at Manor level 20 after building the Overseas Transfer Station from the Carpenter's. 

There are various ways to earn money in Harvest Town, including two other types of money-earning that aren't fulfilling orders. 

  • The Stall, located right by the entrance to your manor/exit to the town. The stall allows you to sell goods, regardless of if it is in an order or not. This is a good way to earn money from excess crops/if you are unable to complete the orders you have.
  • Quests, which are earned from the Bulletin, talking to citizens, or the main quest. They give significantly less coins than the other methods, so be wary of relying upon them too much.


Passwords for treasure chest

[?] What are the passwords for the treasure chests?

>> Look in your Backpack and there should be diary pages. Read them and use the numbers for the code.
>> If you get stuck, there is an album in the Facebook group that has all the pages with the right passwords.
>> There is also a wiki page that contains all passwords for the treasure chests.

++ TIP ++

You'll level faster if you finish orders.


[?] How do I add friends?

>> Click next to the map button to open more options > click WORLD > click FRIENDS > click SEARCH at the bottom (not the Search tab under Friends) > type their in game name > send application and wait for them to accept.

Falling Trees

[?] When I cut a tree it falls into water - what can I do?

Tree fall direction

>> The direction in which the tree falls depends on the tile from which you make the last cut - see above for a guide on where the tree will fall

++ TIP ++ Trees that are cut over the edge of a cliff or empty space will not be lost

++ TIP ++ Be careful where you plant your FRUIT TREES - if you plant them too close to the water the fruit may fall in

++ TIP ++ Some trees around the town river will fall into water anyway as there is no way for them to fall on land It may be better to cut them when they are still little to avoid all of the wood falling in and receiving at least some resource


[?] What update will the Swamp be coming in? / Where is the Swamp located?

>> Not sure when the swamp is coming. The Discord/Facebook team have no word about it yet.
>> The swamp is that whole inaccessible area to the left of our farm. That dark area and the black hole.

HT password

[?] How do I reset my HT password? >> When you click on OPTION > then click MANOR > click the green guy > then just simply select CHANGE PASSWORD.
>> Note: If you have bound your account to facebook you may not be able to change your password.


Purple van orders

[?] What is the purple order under the van orders?


>> These are urgent orders from NPC's around town.
>> You can select which one of the items you would like to fill.

++ TIP ++
Those urgent orders are limited to 20 per day, but they will give you a nice reward!

Items inside a chest

[?] How can I see what items are while looking inside my chest?


>> There is an icon on the top left of your screen when you open your bag called click mode. Make sure that is unchecked and you will be able to click on items to look at them to see what they are.

++ TIP ++
By doing this you will have to drag the item yourself to the chest.

Starter Guide

Daily Rewards

Click the gold Aztec shopping cart at the top right of your screen (where it shows your money and diamonds) > click DAILY GIFT.
>> You have to watch an ad to get the daily gift unless you have a permit.

Black holes with eyes

Dig/Hoe the black holes with eyes on the ground. Sometimes you get materials, 20 coins, a limit pack, garbage, or a dungeon with a treasure chest.


The treasure chest in the dungeon contains many various building materials. More than city orders will give you. >> Run inside the dungeon and avoid the monsters as they are stronger than normal.
>> Open the small chest by hitting it with your pickaxe

++ TIP ++

Life potions would be useful in dungeons.

Leveling up

You level up by raising your Prosperity. Below are all the ways.
>> Buy and Upgrade Workshops
>> Send Town Orders and City Orders
>> Buy Decorations
>> Cooking

Decorations / How to Add Decorations
>> Buy from the Carpenters (Steve Lopez). This type of decoration boosts workshops or makes crops grow faster.
>> Buy decor for your manor Click the Edit Tool next to the Hand tool (It's a little paint can icon). Then click   Decorations near the top right corner.
Buy and place decor inside and outside your home.


If you want to plant trees you need 1 square space between them to make them all fully grown.


Luck bait

Fishing using luck bait can increase your odds of getting limit packs and treasure chests at the beach. >> Rare weapons, materials, and antiquities can be found in this chest. >> Once you find a chest take it to the smith to crack it to open it.

Other tips: -Don't get rid of Sam's diary! It will be useful later on.

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