The Ranch is located south of town, in an area known as the South Mount, which is north of the Beach.  This is the home of Gary Cruz, Elaine Terry, and their son, Glen Cruz. The Ranch sells farm animals and pets (listed below) as well as Hay, Poultry Feed, and Livestock Feed. In the winter, the Heater is also purchased here.


Image Name Price Building Produce Description
Chicken 8 Coins Poultry House "Robust chicken with strong immunity and high egg production rate."
Duck 15 Coins Adv. Poultry House "Small-sized and swift duck with high egg production rate."
Goose 25 Coins Luxury Poultry House Long neck, flat and wide beak, long legs, short tail, high goose egg production rate.
Peacock 500 Coins Luxury Poultry House Blue peacock with fabulous feather suitable for making decoration.
Cow 200 Coins Barn Black and white cow with high milk production rate.
Goat 500 Coins Adv. Barn Milk-yielding goat that has good adaptability. Easy to raise, requires not much fine forage.
Sheep 600 Coins Luxury Barn Covered with dense fine wool which is excellent raw material for fine textile.
Piggy 200 Coins Adv. Barn
  • None
Big ears and head, straight nose, narrow waist and back. They propagate really fast!
Alpaca 1300 Coins Luxury Barn Well-tamed, clever enough to understand human. Its bright and elastic hair is a good material for premium woolen.
Image Name Price Type Description
Hay 100 Coins for 5 Hay Resource Can be made into feed.
Poultry Feed I
Poultry Feed 5 Diamonds for 5 Poultry Feed Feed Put in the Poultry House to feed poultries.
Livestock Feed I
Livestock Feed 5 Diamonds for 5 Livestock Feed Feed Put in the Barn to feed livestock.
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