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→ Quest Items are listed in alphabetical order.

40px Bag: Foxy

"Help Foxy find her lost bag to unlock Lavender Seed"

  • Location: Bus Station - right of goods stall, behind the trees.
  • Reward: 5× Lavender Seed + 10× Prosperity
Bag Quest Item Location

Baseball Baseball: Ella Cole

  • Location: Right side of the lake on Eastern Town, close to the tent.
  • Reward: +10 Fondness and Cactus Bonsai
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Chess Manual Chess Manual: Jerry Allen

  • Location: North Woods
  • Reward: 50 prosperity and 50 coins
Book Quest Item Location

Conch (Quest Item)
Conch: Fisher

  • Location: Unknown
  • Reward: +15 fondness

Crab Doll Crab Doll: Peach Gray

  • Location: Behind a tree in North Forest.
  • Reward: 10x Scallop .
  • Note: Can also be given to John Gray, but you will not be rewarded with Scallops.
Crab Doll Quest Item Location

40px Custom Sprinkler : Barl

  • Location: Near bottom left of lake at Occult Peak.
  • Reward: +15 Fondness and 3 Crayfish

Dartboard Dartboard: Andy Reed

  • Location: Outside the Bar, near the water.
  • Reward: Dart Target (decoration) and +20 fondness.
Dartboard Quest Item Location

Dirty Painting Dirty Painting: Jim Ortiz

  • Location: Behind the tree that is under the fishing spot in Eastern Town.
  • Reward: Fondness
Dirty Painting Quest Item Location

Drifting Bottle Drifting Bottle: Peach Gray

  • Location: N/A (Given to you by Fay after completing 'Cleaning Up the Trash')
  • Reward: +50 Prosperity and +100 gold

Empty medicine bottle Empty medicine bottle: Steve Lopez or Lee Yau

  • Location: North Forest (you'll have to cut down trees in that area)
  • Reward: +10 fondness

Furnace Part Furnace Part: David Hanks

  • Location: Around the lake of Eastern Town
  • Reward: +20 Fondness and x10 Common Crystal.
David Hanks Furnace Part Location-0
David Hanks Rewards

40px Game Disc (or Mysterious Disc): Chris Ford

"it's a common disc, but not unusual in our town. You'll recognize it when you see.
I'll repay you for completing this commission.

  • Location: Chairs outside the Bar, top left.
  • Reward: +10 Fondness
Game Disc Quest
Game Disc Quest Item Location

Glass Bottle Glass Bottle: Peach Gray

  • Location: Beach below Fishing Shop
  • Note: There are two of these, itthe sexond is bugged and will not be taken by Peach.

Handkerchief Handkerchief: Jim Ortiz

  • Location: Between Barber's and basket ball court.
  • Reward: Fondness and +10 diamonds.
  • Note: Can also give to Justin Ortiz but you will not receive diamonds, only fondness.
Handkerchief Quest Item
Handkerchief Quest

Horse Trophy Horse Trophy: Peter Allen

  • Location: Behind a tree to the right of the Horse Farm, Beach.
  • Reward: +15 fondness.
  • Note: Julia Allen will also take it.
Horse Trophy Quest Item Location

Horse Trophy

Illegible Letter Illegible Letter: Peach Gray

"Peach found that the letter in the drifting bottle was missing. Help her find the letter. You can search for the clues along the shore."

  • Location: Occult Beach
  • Reward: +50 Prosperity and +100 Coins
Illegible Letter Quest Item Location

Important Part Important Part: Lee Yeung

"Everybody attention, do not use Wind Express any more! They said you won't get any compensation for the delivery loss due to the muddy road in the factory! That was black-hearted! Who should compensate my lost experiment parts if not them?!"

Important Part Quest Item Location

Experiment Part Quest Item

Kite Kite: Gary Cruz

"My kite?! My dad made it himself, and I lost it myself... Lol... Ha-ha-ha..."

  • Location: Near well at South Mount.
  • Reward: Paper Kite (decoration) when given to Gary Cruz
  • Note: Can also be given to Glen Cruz for added fondness.
Glen Cruz Kite
Kite Quest Item Location

40px Lost Necklace: Bill Hanks

  • Location: Central town map, cross the bridge going to Eastern Town, but go North. Across the river, right from the Barber's, before Eastern Town.
  • Reward: Big Bear Decor, +100 Prosperity
Lost Necklace Quest Item Location

40px Lost Snake StatueTom Cole

"Neighbors! Our library has lost a collection! Please help us retrieve it"

  • Location: Top right corner of the School Library
  • Reward:
Lost Snake Statue Quest Item Location

Ancestral Necklace Ancestral Necklace: Adam Ford

(not to be confused with "Lost Necklace: Bill Hanks" quest)

"Well-paid Bounty. A crow took my necklace. It's customized and unique in this world."

  • Location: Hidden behind a Tree above the Occult Cave entrance.
  • Reward: 20 Diamonds, 10 Prosperity
Adam Trump Necklace
Necklace Quest Item Location

Occult Book Occult Book: Lulu Lopez

"Tell me, was it you who took my book hidden in the woods!? No matter what you did with it, it's MY BOOK and please return it to me!"

Occult Book Quest Item Dialogue
Occult Book Quest Item Location

Old Guitar Old Guitar: Duke Evans

"Hi friend, I'm wondering have you come to the Bar yesterday? I was drunk... I forgot where i put my guitar. Please help me find it. It's really appreciated. I don't want to lose it."

  • Location: Basement/cellar of the Bar
  • Reward: 20× Diamonds + 10× Prosperity
Duke Evans Guitar
Guitar Quest Item Location

Old Photo Old Photo: Steve Lopez

"Unbelievable! Why would someone stole even an old photo and a towel! Or maybe I lost it somewhere...?"

  • Location: Corner above the Hot Spring (Not Sauna), just before North Forest's entrance
  • Reward:
Steve Lopez Picture
Old Photo Quest Item Location

40px Postcard: Mary Morris

40px Rabbit Ears: Foxy

  • Location: To the right of the Taoist Temple
  • Reward: +15 Fondness

40px Rag Doll: Jessie Morris or Mary Morris

Schoolbag Schoolbag: Jerry Allen

  • Location: Bottom left of the Bus Station.
  • Reward: 20 diamonds and +10 Prosperity
Schoolbag quest
Schoolbag location

40px Secret Photo: LuLu Lopez ==

  • Location: Under broken bridge (right) occult ruin while cutting tree in autumn.
  • Reward: 20 diamonds and +10 fondness.
  • Note: Can also give to Sherry Allen for +15 fondness but no diamonds.
Secret Photo Quest Item Location
Schoolbag Jerry Allen Quest

Shabby Anchor Shabby Anchor: John Gray

  • Location: Beach, on one of the docks.
  • Reward: Swim Ring (decoration).
Shabby Anchor Quest Item Location
John Gray Shabby Anchor Message

40px Special Scale: Fay

"A scale surrounded by vapor, dimly emitting colorful light under the sun. Who will be attracted to it?"

  • Location: Outside of the Occult Cave, directly above Teleport.
  • Reward: Begins a new quest line with Fay: "Collect Scales" which may lead to meeting her merman friend and increased fondness with him. There are rumors that this item can also be given to Tom Cole to be rewarded with 6 Fishing Potions.
Mysterious Scale Quest Item Location
Mysterious Scale - Fay result
Mysterious Scale - Tom Cole Reaction

40px Steel: David Hanks

40px StethoscopeLee Yau

"Yesterday some patient brought my stethoscope away... I don't mean to bother you, but if you happen to see it, would you please bring it back to me?"

  • Location: Backyard of the Hospital/pharmacy
Stethoscope Quest Item Location
Lee Yau Stethoscope

40px Trophy: Jessie Morris

"My trophy Golden is lost! Faybe I lost it last night when I was pursuing a rabbit?! Anyway, hope you can help me retrieve Golden!"

  • Location: At the School basketball court, above above the ping pong table.
  • Reward:
Jessie Morris Trophy
Trophy Quest Item Location

Wedding Ring (Quest Item)
Wedding Ring: Tom Cole, Ella Cole, or Elly Cole

Wedding Ring (Quest Item) Quest Item Location

40px World Map: Chris Ford or Adam Ford

  • Location: Near bottom of Eastern Lake while chopping down trees in Eastern Town.
  • Reward: 2000 coins and +20 fondness.
    World Map Quest Item Location

40px Woven Hat: Steve Lopez

  • Location: beside the Carpenter's, right side.
  • Reward: +15 fondness.
  • Note: Can also be given to Lulu Lopez .
Straw Hat Quest Item Location
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