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Orders are delivery requests from other citizens. You will receive coin, prosperity and other items by completing them. When you complete an order, you have to wait for that vehicle to return before you can do another one.

There are 3 types of orders:

  • Van Order : There are 6 Van Orders in maximum. You start with one van order and gradually unlock all 6 by Manor Level 12.
    • Only 1 van order can be completed at any time.
  • Ship Order: Available when Area 3 is unlocked. Rewards include coin, prosperity, and mainly building materials.
    • All 3 Ship Orders are independant of each other, and can be sent out at any time.
    • Refreshing a Ship Order (rejecting and getting a new one) takes 10 minutes.
  • Aircraft Order: Can be built at Manor Level 20.
    • There is only 1 Aircraft Order which will request for 3 kinds of items.
    • Aircraft Orders have 3 tiers; each tier requires the exact same kind and quantity of items.
      • All 3 types items must be fulfilled before a tier is considered completed.
    • Aircraft Orders must be finalised before being sent out.
    • There is a deadline to fulfilling the orders, indicated on the Aircraft Order tab.
    • Grants different rewards

You will be able to send out a maximum of 3 orders; 1 Van order, 3 Ship orders and 1 Aircraft order (3-tiered) at each time.

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