Cuisine and Cooking Basics

Cuisine can be cooked inside your manor's kitchen after it has been upgraded to Level 3 at the Carpenter's Shop. Recipes are learned as you increase your Manor Level. Recipes can also be learned by completing quests or by increasing your heart level with certain characters. Certain recipes are favored by characters in the game and gifting them earns fondness. Certain meals are needed for quests and they also offer vitality and life, which are necessary to use tools and survive monsters at night, in the Occult Cave and in the dungeon.

Recipes are no longer learned by checking the TV for Elly's cooking show after a game update.

Gifted Recipes

List of Recipes

Cuisine Name Ingredients Unlocks Base Price Vitality Life Points
Boiled Shrimp
Shrimp x3
Salt x1
Mustard x1
Manor Lvl 40 384 gold 80 80
Potato x3
Radish x3
Ketchup x1
Manor Lvl 36 438 gold 100 100
Century Egg Dish
Century Egg x1
Tofu x3
Salt x1
Manor Lvl 28 435 gold 90 90
Cheese Potato
Potato x3
Cheese x1
Mayonnaise x1
Manor Lvl 21 265 gold 60 60
Cheese Shrimp
Shrimp x3
Cheese x1
Flour x1
Manor Lvl 24 492 gold 100 100
Cherry Pie
Cherry Pie
Cherry x3
Flour x1
Sugar x1
Manor Lvl 24 238 gold 50 50
Ear shaped cracker
Ear-shaped Cracker
Peanut Butter x1
Sugar x1
Potato Powder x2
Pong Ching
(5 hearts)
367 gold 80 80
Fried Egg
Fried Egg
Egg x1 Build Kitchen 15 gold 10 10
Fried Tofu
Tofu x3
Chili x3
Garlic x3
Elaine Terry
(6 hearts)
324 gold 70 70
Fruit Salad
Cheese x1
Apple x5
Banana Crisp x1
Manor Lvl 40 397 gold 80 80
Grass carp sashimi
Grass Carp Sashimi
Grass Carp x2
Honeysuckle x3
Manor Lvl 16 148 gold 30 30
Hair-caring Soup
Hair-caring Soup
Hair Weed x3
Tofu x3
Salt x1
Manor Lvl 37 327 gold 70 70
Jam bread
Jam Bread
Bread x2
Jasmine Nectar x1
Blueberry Jam x1
Elaine Terry
(7 hearts)
597 gold 130 100
Mushroom soup
Mushroom Soup
Shiitake x3
Cream x1
Manor Lvl 26 289 gold 70 70
Okra dish
Okra Dish
Okra x3
Vinegar x1
Manor Lvl 40 93 gold 20 20
Oyster omelet
Oyster Omelet
Oyster x3
Egg x5
Onion x3
Manor Lvl 10 331 gold 60 60
Pink pudding
Pink Pudding
Pomegranate Juice x1
Egg x5
Flour x1
Manor Lvl 34 405 gold 80 80
Pumpkin Salad
Onion x3
Pumpkin x3
Cheese x1
Manor Lvl 38 376 gold 80 80
Sauteed Conch
Conch x3
Century Egg x1
Vinegar x1
Manor Lvl 32 394 gold 80 80
Sauteed eel
Sauteed Eel
Eel x3
Chili x3
Sauerkraut x1
Manor Lvl 43 496 gold 100 100
Sauteed wax gourd
Sauteed Wax Gourd
Wax Gourd x3
Shrimp x3
Manor Lvl 35 220 gold 70 70
Seafood noodles
Seafood Noodle
Noodle x1
Abalone x3
Scallop x3
Manor Lvl 24 610 gold 130 100
Seaweed dish
Seaweed Dish
Seaweed x3
Salt x1
Vinegar x1
Build Kitchen 24 gold 10 10
Seaweed radish soup
Seaweed Radish Soup
Seaweed x2
Radish x3
Manor Lvl 36 195 gold 40 40
Sokmak cake
Sokmak Cake
Peanut x3
Pistachio x5
Goldenrod Nectar x1
Chris Trump
(7 hearts)
201 gold 50 50
Soybean dace
Soy Bean Dace
Dace x3
Bean x3
Shiitake Sauce x1
Peter Allen
(7 hearts)
246 gold 60 60
Spiced peanut
Spiced Peanut
Peanut x3
Gastrodia Powder x1
Manor Lvl 40 408 gold 90 90
Spicy crab
Spicy Crab
Spotted Crab x2
Spanner Crab x2
Brown Crab x2
Adam Trump
(7 hearts)
333 gold 70 70
Spicy noodle
Spicy Noodle
Noodle x1
Chili x 3
Ketchup x1
Manor Lvl 34 310 gold 110 57
Spicy soup
Spicy Soup
Chili Sauce x3
Potato x3
Flour x1
Gary Cruz
(7 hearts)
408 gold 90 90
Spicy tofu
Spicy Tofu
Tofu x3
Chili x3
Shiitake Sauce x1
Manor Lvl 24 394 gold 90 90
Sweet fish
Sweet Fish
Perch x3
Ketchup x1
Sugar x1
Manor Lvl 21 378 gold 80 80
Sweet wax gourd
Sweet Wax Gourd
Pickled Wax Gourd x1
Vinegar x1
Chili Sauce x1
Manor Lvl 28 268 gold 90 90
Tea egg
Tea Egg
Egg x5
Longjing x1
Manor Lvl 8 82 gold 10 10
Teppanyaki tofu
Teppanyaki Tofu
Tofu x3
Corn Oil x1
Manor Lvl 25 393 gold 80 80
Tomato egg soup
Tomato Egg Soup
Tomato x5
Egg x5
Manor Lvl 16 180 gold 30 30
Vege hot pot
Vege Hot Pot
Radish x3
Napa Cabbage x3
Pickled Wax Gourd x1
Manor Lvl 35 409 gold 100 100
Vinegar fish
Vinegar Fish
Silver Carp x3
Vinegar x1
Corn Wine x1
Mary Morris
(7 hearts)
522 gold 120 100
Wine soaked shrimp
Wine Soaked Shrimp
Mantis Shrimp x3
Bean Wine x1
Beer x1
Manor Lvl 47 898 gold 200 100
Yolk baked corn
Yolk-baked Corn
Mayonnaise x1
Corn x3
Manor Lvl 24 118 gold 30 30
Yolk pastry
Yolk Pastry
Mayonnaise x3
Flour x1
Butter x1
Elly Cole
(5 hearts)
609 gold 120 120

*Sell Price is valued by the most basic/beginner quality

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