Farm Animals can be purchased at the Ranch. Animals move in as babies and take a few days to be grown before animal products can be gathered. As they grow up, they can be sold for more coins than they were first purchased for. The barn and poultry house must be upgraded to hold more animals. Below is a list of farm animals and other information as shown at the Ranch:

   Image Name Price   Building Feed Product Description
Chicken 8 Coins Poultry House Poultry Feed "Robust chicken with strong immunity and high egg production rate."
Duck 15 Coins Adv. Poultry House Poultry Feed "Small-sized and swift duck with high egg production rate."
Goose 25 Coins Luxury Poultry House Poultry Feed Long neck, flat and wide beak, long legs, short tail, high goose egg production rate.
Peacock 500 Coins Luxury Poultry House Poultry Feed Blue peacock with fabulous feather suitable for making decoration.
Cow 200 Coins Barn Livestock Feed Black and white cow with high milk production rate.
Goat 500 Coins Adv. Barn Livestock Feed Milk-yielding goat that has good adaptability. Easy to raise, requires not much fine forage.
Sheep 600 Coins Luxury Barn Livestock Feed Covered with dense fine wool which is excellent raw material for fine textile.
Piggy 200 Coins Adv. Barn Livestock Feed
  • None
Big ears and head, straight nose, narrow waist and back. They propagate really fast!
Alpaca 1300 Coins Luxury Barn Livestock Feed Well-tamed, clever enough to understand human. Its bright and elastic hair is a good material for premium woolen.

Feeding Animals

Animals require one Poultry Feed or Livestock Feed a day, or will eat weeds and Fodder.  Feed is made at the Bait Workshop. Fodder can be planted without plowing and placed within access to the animals. Fodder seeds can be purchased at the Grocery.


Increasing fondness with animals allows them to produce better quality products (milk, eggs, etc.). Clicking on them counts as petting them or showing them affection, which increases fondness. They can be gifted Love Dough, made in the Bait Workshop, to increase fondness, but cannot be given it if they have already ate and are full/fed. For more information on how to increase fondness, see Relationships

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