Formerly known as Bizarre Space, this endless mine is filled with ores, gems, and numerous treasures. May encounter the random monster. 


The deeper you go into the mine, the harder it is to mine the rocks. You must upgrade the pickaxe. Upgrade the pickaxe by visiting David Hanks

The ancient cave is unlocked on the 5TH Day Spring 1 Year.

Since the game is still in beta, there is a high possibility for the mine to undergo changes. Prone to bugs.

To progress further into the mine, one must use a Transport Scroll to exit. If you leave normally, your progress will not be saved.

After update, there is a sign on the left side of the screen allowing the player to exit via a Transport Scroll. The writing is in Chinese.

The quest where one has to find 11 parchment notes is incomplete due to it being the last quest so far. Most players have around 6.

After update, players are required to just collect six parchments only, but some players are still stuck on having to need to collect 12 of them.


Name Function Requirements
Copper Pickaxe Copper Pickaxe Can exploit copper and silver in the mine. 3000 coins
Silver Pickaxe Silver Pickaxe Can exploit copper, silver, and gold ores. 10,000 coins

25 Copper Ingots

25 Silver Ingots

Golden Pickaxe Golden Pickaxe Can exploit Darkgold Ores, Rare Rawstones. 20,000 coins

50 Copper Ingots

50 Silver Ingots

50 Gold Ingots

Darkgold Pickaxe Darkgold Pickaxe Can exploit rare Gem Rawstones. Can cleave rocks deepest in the mine. 30,000 coins

50 Copper Ingots

50 Silver Ingots

50 Gold Ingots

50 Darkgold Ingots


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